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  • 00:00: so for the sake of my dear today my video Now devoted to this little miracle who lives with plastic butterfly Peter clans bubbles very pleasant smell some bread it leaven spontaneously exercise without which can not be bake many varieties bread and above all without it is impossible bake Russian rye bread dough and struck very different in its composition and their properties from his wheat You can not begin to conduct from scratch because test, there is a very amylase activity 50 proteins process Generally it is quite
  • 00:30: other therefore begin maintain a high ie acidity It contributes directly at Knead the dough a large quantity lactic acid and bacteria that taken just because in addition to the eyes large number of lactic bacteria in sourdough this is its main Nitsche function contains the wild yeast instead linger and order spontaneous and Unlike industrial yeasts able to live in this tough unfavorable
  • 01:00: Many yeast if environment So start methods removing leaven a lot of my one which is based on wholegrain rye flour here is a meal I will use of such I bought a bag Baltic and immediately there the first question is why rye flour yes because this meal more how sweet it is Ukrainian black earth eat grow rack tree is easier easier to survive here subsist in it a lot of sugar so take Burnt and the second question
  • 01:30: why wholegrain because we need yeast that inhabit the shell grains yeast in nature a lot of them around You raise test are far Each yeast normally this function better all those coping yeast that live or on grain shell would have to grapes shell or pillowcases bowels Here these berries yeast we need and dissolve their techniques Used in as a starting I honestly point raisins words do not really like as raisins
  • 02:00: exist etched but wholegrain flour You can find very decent quality and so first we take 60 grams wholegrain rye flour and 90 grams for the mixing it all not get a very stiff dough later we increase the share of flour but at the first stage the first two days we you need to make the dough they were thinner We need to maintain higher temperature 2628 degrees all done in order to create comfortable conditions for breeding Tasha And now look at what we have
  • 02:31: happened there are some their bubbles not a lot even if you quite at that stage there will be no bubbles nothing wrong with it possibly until it shivering until it lactic acid bacteria is fairly I am saying I do not remember how appropriately called fermentation bacteria which gives dough such bad consistency nice smell and his back vayut we hope that Now among these here bacteria that live First, there is also the but what we need is
  • 03:02: until he had Is it possible just stir and send more heat for a day and you can double its The amount of added 60 grams of the dough wholegrain rye flour and 90 grams Batu hanging covered and We send in the heat even for one day and look we turned and we got here a riot of life like so many puzyrikov such a large amount of test obviously she has come foamed
  • 03:33: this is all there is and if you are now able to smell this test, you would it became clear what I I am talking with legs from under lower half of the gates all tests selected I would just throw away because dough just disgusting smells of this test, we add 60 grams of water Stir and then Throw in the 60 grams of white wheat no flour wholegrain rye and rye does and white flour whiter
  • 04:03: in order to better explain It comprises white flour less sugar to me to survive must be able cleave the starch and it is capable of Not all yeast that's exactly the yeast for which we it is able to get along so we do complicate the situation the hope that this fathers survive it that we need a dough Cover and leave this time at room temperature for a day and see what we
  • 04:33: We will therefore open our smell test still unpleasant consistency is not the same very nice and dough this just like sloivsheysya see here such a riot of life here gone back there Nastia not have much the number of bubbles because our weight It became credited In addition, we here We added to the poor white sugar wheat flour to survive such acidic conditions
  • 05:04: environment and poor sugar is not quite just leave those here bacteria that We woke up early fermenting them kicked out sour yeast Wednesday are not capable to survive in this environment, also go which is not capable of split this sugar also takes a thief hope that all the same those who are the same but here there is also our today their task is to multiply therefore again we select half test add 60 grams of white wheat flour 60 grams for you blush and cover
  • 05:34: and left at room temperature for another day and see what we will continue This is how you take the dough the smell is still not as nice what should not be as nice bread but while this one That would be terrible dreams Nile the smell was gone so feeling that the patient still is not healthy but it I have already gone on the mend see consistency yet not one that
  • 06:04: there must be something small time Ply it is not so riddled with bubbles as it should be though modest recovery the test is still there and therefore again we select half we need to test only half add here 60 Count you 60 grams of white wheat flour stir and reserve for another day by the idea of how only now become change the smell of it It means that we have already
  • 06:35: tests were a turning point that it is won Bacteria are the ones yeast which we We crave it and fucked we hope that the next day's these positive change will test already clearly did, and so with hopefully open our dough, and that we see, we see that the dough was uniform that his the surface is not so but there is a lot here Here are their bubbles clearly visible Now shooting and here these bubbles, they have not only on the surface
  • 07:05: they permeated the entire the amount you are here when I see I stir this here he he appeared He has a pleasant smell not a saturated bread which should be but obviously pleasant in fact all of our but sourdough is ready as any newborn it is still being weak she needed and need to take village gain strength and composition and has already lactic acid bacteria there yeast but their concentration more enough and so in the next
  • 07:35: four or five days we leaven shall must get stronger grow up and why we will need it updated twice morning and evening you can here either by act the same plans by which we acted earlier ie half of the total leaven of the body post add there is 6 grams of white flour 60 grams water and you go on smaller number of here I am in this ploshechku selected just 5 grams leaven added to 20 grams of water 20 grams flour and stirred the
  • 08:07: I left until the evening PM has done everything The same look he what a beauty Here's a she very beautiful foam very pleasant smell again we select almost the entire leaven reserve just 5 grams and add 20 grams and 20 grams of water and in that mode live another 45 days and then in the same mode, you can link spare tire once a day I do not keep the starter in
  • 08:37: I keep the refrigerator at room temperature and like this here every day I leave literally donyshke added 20 gram flour 20 gram water and stir and next morning I do the same loop supply you set aside under refreshment course You do not need to throw away its warehouses refrigerator and then used in cooking pancakes you can bake them wafers So you see what it saturated bubbles coming up beauty after four or five
  • 09:11: days of this two-fold refreshment leaven pick up the necessary strength and you can cook in the her bread when you can desire to go a ferment another example of baking Russian rye bread and the need to rye sourdough is It is possible to go in in a few stages refreshment here for example I have so another look refreshment I select almost all capture of 5 adding to 20 grams gram of water stir and further the plans add exactly 20 grams and if I want to go impaired Part of the leaven
  • 09:42: This flour is replaced by I am 50 rye here ie 10 per cent 10 grams of wheat grams wife can replace one third especially if you Coming with rye leaven for wheat replace one third in a feeding stir and reserve to next refreshment and in the following refreshment I I replaced all wheat flour us by his wife we get wheat leaven wife stir
  • 10:12: leave 5 grams add 20 letters and 20 grams of rye flour this video, I do not I touch Thread maintaining leaven activity maintaining adequate concentration level lactic acid bacteria ferment it long talk and until everything that I have I wanted to say about as bring spare tire spontaneously dressed as her support how to move from one i-bay to another such as the said
  • 10:42: theme is truly inexhaustible and so if something I forgot to tell you about it in which the rollers They will focus on baking certain kind of bread and of course the conclusions also show how It looks rye starts here is very very beautiful smells and What with him wonderful years Bauges you are my Well my dear Thank you that you have been with I inspected the video until the end of good luck removing leaven
  • 11:13: spontaneous it fermented we bake be sure to bake delicious rye hlebushek and all you itself.