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  • 00:00: Good afternoon Today we will prepare soufflé cake and fruit for cooking cake, we need ready biscuit canned pineapple sugar cream gelatin vanilla syrup a photo canned pineapple bananas for cake decorating us need chocolate
  • 00:31: strikers or milk fruits of their optional water and water need for gelatin stage low gelatin fill a glass cold boiled Slavs in 30 minutes swelling sect preparing syrup to impregnate the river to take this passing fill all the guests
  • 01:01: rock from canned pineapples and even Hook the two dining rooms spoons of sugar santa and money on fire heat the syrup sugar and van Bree to Since then, until the sugar The solution is then remove from heat and reserve for
  • 01:31: cool cake cut into three cups of syrup ready at his request may be still add the brandy or dry white wine is set aside and cooling and the ruble Now it puts on cold water prepare fruit cake pineapple cut into three small pieces ringlet pineapple leave you need for
  • 02:02: Decoration was on honor and pour on thick slices about three millimeters Biscuit it will the top of our cake impregnate biscuits fruit cake for two Put the pineapple banana
  • 02:41: pour it here like if you hear the white you there to wish her on fire
  • 03:14: and not heated bring to a boil stirring constantly to complete dissolving gelatin reigned reserve it to cool continue whisking methane cream and thin trickle and you take Th desirable shoes and cream prepared
  • 03:47: This Lego cakes lower cake stack Split form I I put another Gothic and of parchment paper gorillas sour cream the first cake glad for the second cake and just fill creams
  • 04:17: Put the third cake it naturally turn over and fill the remaining cream himself the refrigerator to pour us jelly need to fruit coating when we decorate a cake for it needs to buy
  • 04:47: fruit shop jelly or film Cook at home take any comfort juice and even affordable teaspoon gelatin leave for swelling We are preparing for decoration cake I sliced grapes kiwi halves
  • 05:17: sliced cake decorating we use alternates chop enough thin everything ready
  • 05:53: beautiful roses from oranges here this take a slice orange and We wrap here thus then take the next orange slice begin wrap close previous owls in this way
  • 06:32: displace May 6 petals orange petals great need cut as thinner Here is a rose from us
  • 07:14: obtained Now we will do exercises on a Cake us need apple and small sharp knife and makes an incision Now such an angle
  • 07:46: Now do the next tab We step back from the edge just a little bit and neatly cut and now following likewise is too long
  • 08:23: cuts do not be otherwise the next tab at the We will break them must be cut here instead have in this way cut 4 m. Now add up
  • 08:55: large even less and even less is such a beauty we It obtained for jewelry what else It can be done These are the flowers beautiful and rings pineapple, and this Pineapple rings and it needs to be carefully cut lengthwise in two We got two
  • 09:31: ring doing on rite Now we turn decoration for the cake and
  • 10:04: Our ready to bay for a year and warmed up its complete dissolution and then I then gently stood at her you refrigerator and Skins poison, we will decorate the simply spread
  • 10:55: grapes now covers
  • 11:27: fruit cooked Julia cake is ready Cake turns out very delicious and easy it you can decorate beautiful pink
  • 11:59: petals because food It should not only be Well delicious and beautiful Treat your close Thank you They were with me new look recipes on our channel