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  • 00:00: I'm going to show you how to make a buttonhole like this one this is a simple and this one has a simple appearance but it the instructions are bit involved I recommend writing down the instructions and keeping them in with you in your knitting bag because it's a lot to hold in your mind basically the concept will be we this is done in one row there's nothing to do on the following row and it's basically binding off a few stitches and casting on a few stitches above it and we'll be
  • 00:32: doing a trick on both ends to reinforce the side so they're nice and neat so to begin well we'll begin by reinforcing the first end this is to do this just bring the yarn to the front slip a stitch purlwise and then bring the yarn to the back again so we've wrapped the yarn in front of the stitch now we'll begin our bind off this is a simple bind off we won't be knitting the stitches to
  • 01:04: bind off we'll just slip and pass the previous stitch over it not knitting the stitch and passing over I'm just flipping it because I want this yarn to stay where it is it's a slip and pass over and once again slip and pass over so I'm binding off three stitches for my three stitch buttonhole and now replaced
  • 01:34: the last stitch on to the left needle and turn the work around to begin our cast on now important here bring the yarn to the back any instructions we'll be doing this buttonhole you should have the yarn in the back we're going to cast on four stitches for a three stitch buttonhole so if you're binding off three stitches add an extra stitch to
  • 02:05: the cast on three stitches plus one is four cast on stitches so we'll do a cable cast on which means insert the right needle between the previous two stitches on the Left needle so I'm going behind an entire stitch here and pulling the yarn through place it on the needle and repeat going behind the whole stitch I just made pull the
  • 02:35: yarn through is a little tricky if you haven't done it before but you can manage it place it on left needle okay you get your needle in there before you tighten the stitch easier pull it through place on I do them all yet let's see one more to do so I haven't tightened the stitch yet I'm putting my needle in it now I can pull it tight and one more that's it place on the Left needle we've cast on
  • 03:08: for now we're going to turn the work again to the right side is facing us yarns in the back and now to reinforce this left side slip the left stitch stitch off the left needle and pass the last cast on stitch over the slip stitch so get into the stitch we'll slide to
  • 03:38: the end lie to the tip of the needle where there's a little more room to get into the stitch okay pass it over and that's our buttonhole okay so it looks like one row later and just to mention I did these on two separate rows just for demonstration this is just a sample you will usually do your buttonhole I'll complete it and then knit on and do
  • 04:10: another buttonhole in the same row and they'll all line up this is just for demonstration they look pretty wonky in this pickle but that's it