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  • 00:00: Hello Dear visitors our website new world so You season and we are past work on cover our thermophilic plants But today it was the it is time to lay us Clematis cover their and many gardeners in our newspapers magic The beds in our magazine magic garden set
  • 00:30: questions of how to breeze cut Clematis and their cover it all very big topic and if you are serious about it interested and carried away growing climate days can be read literature there is very circumstantial detail about this, but I briefly to tell method climates trim cover divided into three large groups of first group includes climate
  • 01:01: that does not cut in winter they bloom on shoots of last year this Clematis can be not even climate and include books but these are plants that bloom at lignified old wood begins flowering very early in late May started and early June also here in This group includes many varieties with large flowers it
  • 01:32: Terry varieties are very such fine Now they have a beautiful double flowers only appear in shoots of last year so cut such Clematis must not or we do just sitting here some pruning and they Of course the most difficult under cover They overwinter in the Knyazhychi this is another field category but climate that bloom on shoots last year, they difficult to shelter
  • 02:03: because you have save all aboveground mass they and cover method dry hiding of the same principle as the we are sheltering rose but only afraid of this bore blowing because clematis all much lower squat It turns than rosin represent yes Roses such rigid shoots them anywhere especially when the cue and gnesh now here we are Set it aside in a climate it lies in our own here the second group
  • 02:35: clematis are those plant those varieties who and colors shoots of last year and the shoots of the current , the first wave they bloom passes before the first half of the summer and here too true some dressing first flowering varieties they occur double flowers on shoots of last year the authors and the second wave flowers bloom already simpler and It continues on to August and September and third group
  • 03:05: clematis make climate that bloom at current year shoots that is, for the year they spring let grow new shoots, and midsummer somewhere July they them blooming Here you now have Clematis is a Haley hybrid cultivar me like it very much because the colors on It has a lot but there is a Unfortunately already in the doghouse his seed sultanchik and these that's still fluffy
  • 03:35: convoluted that can be would see how this Clematis was strewn with flowers his pink and purple little flowers corrugated petals in total very beautiful and here Now this is now the whole edifice we simply and you cut off the no trouble with shelter is coal mother and so I will not already prepared part of this climate shelter that is to cut Now we will try to Now remove the boil
  • 04:06: as it we do not understand with you need to keep in himself when cutting off support can simply cut stems yes but it is clear and if you here is another grade and here's the whip All you need to leave the Please, be careful and accurate do not cut random to take from I have two nuts sekretki Here is another point so let's
  • 04:36: imagine that you is on climate another group of pruning Group 2 trim the I have that bloom shoots in the past years and can be save them victory still here it's a full-length You do not need to save where one and a half meters Well, so here and so it is still possible for cut it all then what you need making tips to lay this one mother wafer ring I It considered this do not need because it is in ring twist
  • 05:08: because here stems in climates very fragile and they defend soon They exfoliate if Imagine how you will tighten These here are stalks are you sure necessarily they will break you then if you grow on next year it all will spin but of course your the plant will be worse cover stranded Clematis is easier It has a small You take a piece of spunbond or to another
  • 05:39: there is something like that and here is a small uchastochek it I covered I prefer something like here and so this Now get to bed all to honor they lie themselves and more shelter here I have years some good ordered by grade sheltering spruce branches performed another I understood visited sheltering spruce branches so here is especially
  • 06:09: the lower part here top cover pan Bond's watch I specifically prepared birch branches if not here pine forest under sideways and the nowhere collect this coniferous litter but not worry you because you cut from the acrid shrubs from currant say what else you decorative shrubs there than the same duties to be to anticipate a little and here and so these here at
  • 06:39: I birch branches and that just tears I broke wind just here and so it is that's all I make and top cover spunbond I have I assure another no cover It needs here foremost covering material is Snow is laughter here I have a pretty big and still catch up I had a large piece I will not cut you here
  • 07:09: his place will send stones and on this all this shelter you done if you this variety that We need to save who need preserve the victory can be determined what your grade if Now when you purchase it not specified eating Seller and either label you have not been let on during purchase your climate plants not It would label as you can learn
  • 07:40: you let this one that's not my clematis You know how to cut Here are all long cut the stalks approximately half meter on and even leave like this place and the next year you You see what will to wake him kidney where it will open inflorescences and you You have already made a conclusion Tom blossoms your climate shoots and already some years next year you will know how
  • 08:10: it properly harboring a hybrid I now do not be like do not hassle him need for a major just like this here I take these stalks cut off but more is better no I do not have twins the ass I did not even her
  • 08:40: He hid in the year me well wintered well, you can and this is how I am now I showed it here so exhaust. that he more like These branches here He more than proved followers birch branches I I pressed all even there bomb it any I do not harbor the most chief ukryvnoy material for the Clematis for all Plant it snow so when fall snowball 1 you arrive in
  • 09:10: garden with paths such as rush Wudang Clematis whether you Well all is well that Now of course we support the winter to remove it is at your fallout was not an and in the spring when the go the very first shoots you are welcome good enough and send here Now they tie ropes and he you will quickly creep then himself climate clings their leaves
  • 09:40: most varieties and you will be here again so beautiful wall greenery and flowers look after clematis love them you will be beauty in garden