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  • 00:00: hello today we want you submit two lamps LED for rapid growth plants we describe these lamps show look so to speak inside the whole truth about LEDs or about these two Chinese lamps
  • 00:30: production and tell what of it represents LED lamp or for fitolampy the rapid growth Well you plant see how they look one lamp, this lamp we call fungus us it's easier navigate here Such is the lamp its consumption of 10 watts pretty little
  • 01:02: Now take it twig to show the size lamp square tablet has the valley 31 to 31 centimeters well, and the lamp has a mushroom 12 cm diameter This lamp is
  • 01:34: several species we it is in this 168 LEDs and first and second lamp used LEDs friend 2 spectra of light red and blue Well, it is considered that this most popular or color for the light to plants again a wide range of
  • 02:06: several people stormy interested new technologies in direction lighting for their greenhouses and privateers Farmers with large enough household bought several lamps December 2012 and we they agreed to that they experienced through because
  • 02:36: laboratory we study they can not spend Install at least the visual effect of each of the lamps is well there is talk about their feelings both helped not how much help help and how Plants on which distances covered plant What cycle of these all factors of which is a plant Again, probably from fertilizer depends
  • 03:06: from support general lighting bodies Calculate lamps supplementary lighting for some of their plants can be used without accessories white light in general, the actual speaking primary Information about these lamps has currently a character with growing plants autumn-winter period in greenhouses or
  • 03:36: room conditions any plants desired or strongly I have much need dosvechivat less just for this fit electric lamps incandescent well as the it is known to tungsten visible light spectrum these lamps is very I mean lean incandescent he It is in despair
  • 04:06: seedling certain period does what called lilac and plants and experts say that it is in this period young shoots are not lack the necessary or spectrum of light solar lighting
  • 04:37: I can give data LED lamps they way there Well, this option Lamp likely can be called but amateur there are lamps and not professionally bigger size LEDs are more out there blocks more nutrition cable cross-sections That they consume but any longer comparisons compared to incandescent incandescent second still lose
  • 05:07: especially economy and so both LEDs the future we decided this review respectively do so here plants need light What we see is there the sun reaction of photosynthesis thanks to Russia that plant develop It requires some wavelengths of light or glow color This means that if we use to plant lighting conventional wampum plants get
  • 05:38: a lot of light that to them we did not need and most of respectively electricity will wasted all known since Schools that reaction Plant to the light characterized by the reaction of people light range of from 400 up to 700 Newton meters capable stimulate growth plants so called necessary growth not to be given
  • 06:08: deep technical thicket we will try expressed in simple Generally if the lamp is this growth stimulation plants main the emission spectrum lamps should be including wild range we pointed out that there are 400-700 Newtons meters entire solar energy can divided into three the main parts
  • 06:38: ultraviolet rays but it's somewhere between 10 and 400 newton meters visible radiation from 400 to 60 700 Newton meters infrared radiation 700 60 Newton meters photosynthesis visible spectrum of physiologically effect on plants certain areas range of different follows up 280 newton meters kill plants 280 315
  • 07:09: harmful to most plants and 315 and 400 newton meters grow and become shorter thicker leaves ultra long fillets wavelength longer than 320 kilometers perceived as tempering plant resistance to decrease temperature opposite infrared effect You can also tell
  • 07:42: that the plant should be develop and root system responsible for what range 430 newtons meters 510610 Newton meters is zone spectrum attenuated photosynthesis prowess you can say large wavelengths it is all the technical jungle that even I do a review until is not very
  • 08:12: I want fun as if to say small Summaries now for plant lighting are used adapted for crop sodium lamps high pressure but we know and not only to us but professionals that they not cost-effective and and short-lived modern LED fitolampy able provide large line spectrum huge lamp
  • 08:42: photosynthesis spectrum colored LEDs They emit light in a narrow as a part of the spectrum just that it needs plants without spending energy to ineffective for the field of photosynthesis so using fitolampy combinations blue and red LEDs efficiently waste energy only useful for plants shine Well now briefly
  • 09:13: the most-what good and we probably experts later and we will confirm later will do further review LED fitolampy fast plant growth first is low Energy consumption lamps here that we see consume the which fungi 10th one that tablet
  • 09:43: Square 15th there there are certainly and more 45 to 90 watts and above but Well though the price is higher preferential enough savings resources but compared to sodium zero for the amount of costs service also benefit a savings additional equipment not It requires additional cooling the lamp
  • 10:13: as they are not well cap samples a day our office and burn if you touch the the lamp bulb Well feels 30 degrees to the heat there is little warm these lamps also harmless to the environment is not They contain mercury and other dangerous matter versatile and can to evaporate any by growing such as gaining
  • 10:43: the doctor does not increase system hydroponic plants aero panic and so on safe in terms of no harm to plants even at full contact with lamp that is some cases, the lamp if it is to be mistaken with distance to plants not burn the plants there explosion danger lamps at fall in contact with water or at the end of
  • 11:13: services also that important it is not their absolute vibration that is, any other lamps, vibration light hitting bumps can damage the lamp cheap and expensive but this lamp can Only break as everything else that can be break and damage Data lamp factory
  • 11:45: manufacturer recommends install Depending on the type of plants on a distance of 0.3 meters 1 point two meters to the surface leaf plants in winter you can use together with natural light for additional effect area coating each of lamps varies from 2 to 3 square meters
  • 12:15: we again this area depends on height it can be installed by experiment Square Well speak factory settings of 18 and two and a half meters square effective and that Lamp also for individual supplementary lighting exotic plants that some people enjoyed popularity perhaps it is linked because fashion here but we
  • 12:46: We try to do bias in the surveys on practicality expediency and particularly for cultivation every plant trademark entrepreneurs in their these farmers farms in particularly in greenhouses Now we quickly including each lamp turns and look at the video of this can be done qualitatively they burn 1 includes a square lamp like this it
  • 13:16: lit for comparison immediately also included podstavochki we kind we effectively and near here so similar lamp mushroom in which 168 LEDs in the way bottom square lamp 225 in one row 15 15 15 225 LEDs
  • 13:48: again lower Lamp from the 15th consumption top lamp 10 so I Now we touch still on the desk and generally cold malossi will burn a few hours she whether or tepco like this as a matter of fact look these lamps but since we started our review with the words inside view or the whole truth LED hit
  • 14:19: tubes there and one we sorted out the lamp are curious see how it arranged inside That's how it is arranged but a closer look will show can be seen that the cap LED is like to pay back housing soldered on track
  • 14:49: tracks are contacts LEDs in the rubber this shlangochki controller with all electric scheme because LED needs DC 12 V well, by the way specificity Chinese goods or work with Chinese manifested periodically or consistently well here for example is such a Here on a fork
  • 15:19: housing and a passport written 120-200 40 volts and we in the specification and Orders that have not been contacted us 220 mamsir but the Chinese Chinese complete We put just such a but the plug on the go or the euro or American is not exactly I know here we are cut off put our Turkish all work Clients that do not some wonder
  • 15:49: They put themselves not that we placed in general here this review does not judge strictly every time when We will review and more and more deep wide understanding sloping on practicality and on favor of especially for people which want are engaged affiliate activities Well farmers e.g. or another everyone interested
  • 16:21: possible well as the need says thanks for Attention all who wish acquire such Lamp from us or me in us that they We worked long and strongly confirmed its effectiveness here probably them great future all Thank you