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  • 00:03: hi this is Amanda from berroco Snippets and today I'll be demonstrating how to work a knit one purl one cast on I'm holding a sample right now so you can see what it looks like when it's finished this is the cast on edge down here it's a really clean looking edge and it's great because it feeds right into the knit one purl one channels of the fabric it also keeps a lot of its elasticity so it's great for the stretchy rib to get
  • 00:30: yourself started cast on two stitches onto a needle using any method you choose if you need help getting that started you can check out a couple of other videos on our youtube channel that are demonstrating other basic kinds of cast on so check those out if you need help once you have two stitches on your needle to work the first stitch which will be a knit you want to perform this stitch in the same way that you would do a cable cast on so kind of open up a little bit of space between the top two stitches on your needle insert your
  • 01:02: needle from front to back directly between the stitches you can see I didn't put my needle into either of those loops I went right between them once your needles through wrap it as if to knit pull the stitch through and transfer it to your left needle like so after the knit stitches work you want to make a purl stitch next to do that you come from the back to the front in between the top two stitches in your needle you can see again I don't have
  • 01:32: any yarn in between or anything I went right between those two stitches wrap your yarn as if to purl pull stitch through and transfer to your left needle just like you did the knit stitch I'll work another and then stitch here and then another purl and if you get distracted or kind of lose track of which stitch you just worked an easy way to figure out is to take a look at where
  • 02:01: your working yarn is feeding from if it's feeding from the front like it is right now you can kind of see the yarn is pointing out towards me you know that you just finished a purl so I'll go ahead and work another knit and if you take a look at your yarn and it's feeding off of the back of your fabric you can see it's not sticking out here in the front but then I look at the back and there it is coming from the back then you know that you just completed a knit stitch so then you
  • 02:30: would go ahead and work another purl and one more knit once you have all your stitches once you've reached the number you were required to cast on for your pattern you can take a look and you can already start to see the rib forming in this cast on the stitches that are kind of moving up towards you a little bit those are the knit stitches here there
  • 03:01: that one that one and the stitches that are sort of receding back are the purl stitches on this side so as you look at your fabric you can tell if this is a knit and that's a purl then the first stitch you work on your first row will be a knit and the next one will be a purl and then you'll just keep working in your knit one purl one rib until it reaches the desired length and that is all there is to it thanks for watching
  • 03:31: bye