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Kraspediya's MK from a foamiran of Presentation\/DIY Craspedia made from foam promo

Kraspediya's MK from a foamiran of Presentation\/DIY Craspedia made from foam promo  See details »

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  • 00:00: miniature yellow as the yellow balls real sun bright summer called a miracle KrAZ pedi hey to drinking fine complements bouquets any orientation it is suitable for romantic bouquet for flower arrangement on business negotiations drinking at a flower his mind remind his sun bright yellow globular flowers It looks original cheer up
  • 00:30: I'm pretty car AIDS versatile and well all-sufficient flower it will impressive and unusual It looks like in mod bouquet and the surrounded by other plants to just come and bouquet fit to one hundred percent happy life energetic people and and and rich color ideal form will decorate any composition advantage of these yet their colors they flexibility
  • 01:00: easy to fit as a Classic bouquet of Rose and the original this rustic flower enjoys popularity or winter in the compositions of flowers in any season this plant Now look organically 1 to the video in a bouquet positive selection bright and smiling so brides bouquet give way softness and warmth as she will look great as buttonholes Guest or the groom [music]
  • 01:30: I was able to play this Flower of foamirana and I hasten to share with you my the results of I offer master class in making it solar ball in It is simple and accessible I tell and show stages its own version production of this plants as a result of you can create a whole bunch of solar mood for yourself or for their relatives Master Class available two
  • 02:00: formats to choose from video and a pdf of the book video duration one o'clock 7 minutes you You are looking for a book It contains 51 photos and 35 pages more information you can enjoy views How to cloud storage and uploading a file and on your computer the choice is yours pass by reference under the video and choose his version master class wish
  • 02:30: you sun mood and good luck creative place huskies leave no comments subscribe to channel and often smile [music]