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How to Replace Expensive Massage Sessions. Self-massage.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends and Alexander Zinkov founder of the first CIS school but bring down glad to meet with you today, I'll show you a small self-massage all massages life Give specific person all of us have important not once did 5 massages Four Hands body clock is all really feeling after this massage just
  • 00:31: elegant cool who have the opportunity pay money go to a good specialist to make May 10 massages is just a godsend for our health well, who does not have the the opportunity to self-massage and simple Here's an example of such a Let's together with you will make it take thumb and index finger he points fingers 10 do such movements
  • 01:01: up down and in fact a lot of points on which our ears related to many organs and systems Now did we put the right hand on rear and left side of the neck and 2 can do make such 20 pin
  • 01:33: movements with good by pressure on clockwise and counterclockwise seemingly very simple movements and actions will your body is working with these sites neck ears, shoulders very quickly alert
  • 02:07: the rate for the day of the meeting is now the same We make the right rear side of the neck 20 by making movements with good by pressure in a clockwise direction and then 20 movements anticlockwise
  • 02:37: Now we put the right hand on the left shoulder and are working well with your fingers to nape work half minute or two so you can first harder Memory then grind
  • 03:07: then do the same thing on the second arm and to the occiput remember him well and rub [music] collar neck area are of great to health there's a lot of nerve knots
  • 03:39: [music] That's how the chain is now their hands and region sacrum and coccyx downwards well We are working for two to three minutes well if you do it naked exercise so things do not prevented
  • 04:11: also with good by pressure this is the place coccyx sacrum to comprehend and deeds are important for our health's these simple exercises Do not be lazy to bring your body in order and you will be all right every day and always with you was Alexandre Aja place like under the nickname
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