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We create a stylish and beautiful holiday \ud83c\udf3a \ud83d\udc8c 20 questions which will help to choose style of a wedding \ud83d\udccc by\/20-voprosov-kotorye-pomogut-vybrat-stil-svadby \ud83d\udc8c 8 councils for the organization of a wedding in minimalism style \ud83d\udccc\/8-sovetov-po-organizacii-svadby-v-stile-minimalizm \ud83d\udc8c Wedding laying in details \ud83d\udccc\/svadebnaja-servirovka-v-detaljah \ud83d\udc8c the Guide to wedding polygraphy \ud83d\udccc\/putevoditel-po-svadebnoj-poligrafii \ud83d\udc8c the Wedding arch: 9 main trends \ud83d\udccc …  See details »