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Vykladyvaniye of gel by drop method

Vykladyvaniye of gel by drop method  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello to you, I Shakhov in Victoria this video I tell you and show how spread the gel drop technique typed on a brush necessary and the amount of gel lay it on then the middle of the nail picks ate tip of brush and We are pushing to drop cuticle then pulls brush the opposite direction so to distribute gel along the cuticle and contractible on the edge nail
  • 00:31: All manipulations are important do not push on brush through self-leveling the structure of the gel evenly distributed over nail plate and It goes along the cuticle on there is very clearly seen fulfilled this technique you will avoid leaking gel under the cuticle and side bolsters and and minimize finish sawdust if the video was
  • 01:40: useful place fingers up and necessarily subscribe to a channel in front of a lot of interesting and I was with you Victoria Shakhov all till