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  • 00:00: Hello friends welcome all to its channel nail studio camellia today I did introductory videos like this material material It called field gel he came to me most recently Site aliekspress here are Now I have 4 boxes 4 lies inside plague and let me tell you detail what this beast and how him to work again despite what's written field gel yes here this course no bullets or gel
  • 00:30: not the stuff which was released a new the market I kupilas But on this title he even though that there is such a fresh to the difference I still buy it name me it seemed some Chinese option Now all of these here and Field helium and similar on the material before it it never fell a classic gel gillette gel I do not know why not maybe it's called I can not be like 99 percent have given out it's a publicity stunt
  • 01:01: just to attract buyers Here's a jar 45 grams worth if I'm not mistaken somewhere around 5 dollars from me here 1 2 3 4 Color Transparent natural pink soft pink and and transparent pink and I let you I tell everyone about color and show specifically about how they look like and what it features start here such
  • 01:31: most transparent simple transparent primitive to tint base copper he stretches it here Here they differ so particular, they very very very stretching that's what I I liked what he absolutely crystal it can be transparent I use leads very hard bit I put all already It clung to its possible this gel used to
  • 02:02: from top to overlap aquariums He goes absolutely Now there is no clear no wisdom at him and gain his Well here I do not know I tried to recruit Here is such a brush when I am working with them bit dreary a little uncomfortable because such a long it somewhere probably two and a half my centimeter somewhere
  • 02:32: so round and Yet little sags under density of this material I am now He'll show you how recruited and brush Water is difficult remove it from jars with neck yes and he's reaching here And so very much for I must brush I thought today perhaps it will be better to take And so all these bullets
  • 03:02: genetic materials These hybrid here so here's a sleeper You see how he's He acted quickly put on the nail and I want to flatten it said that despite the fact that this course classic gel He has lived in this interesting it does not feature leaves calculations but when he was it does not lay out leaves too too many reviews
  • 03:33: many some garbi nak he is very obedient But if you tip brush to touch Order the most-most verhushechku for the most the upper layer of gel you can manage it very Gorny and very neatly I put on a fingernail I I do not know that in this case lived gives a effect I have worked several gels Jelly other companies why it is so I do not succeeded where so they put leave some tuberosity
  • 04:03: some waviness and here this gel I ' I liked especially if it use as a gel which raises when the tip of the nail and you are eagle nails that bent very much to do and when correction for the tip of the lift Here are all his properties and density ease not leveling despite his density and thickness Luton still easily
  • 04:33: It leveled like again very good will serve this purpose let me you more after I as will tell everyone about each color I insert such small pieces I I rented to clients I worked as a gas each color and you have where he pleased look at this small piece Video I I join as it all looked on live nails so to tell [music] the next color
  • 06:08: transparent pink in they are very nice upakovochke very carefully made without I am very satisfactory happy and in divlyana so to speak because all the Chinese products box and gently I'm all how well Rita and soon a good paper made good smooth printing no here learn eaten letters to one another moved out and now he tube itself is very nice in the hands of
  • 06:38: very nice to keep Here, too, he's so Here it lasts and lasts pulled squeeze and take our same stream as I and so convenient It proved to see here such a transparent pink it some pig color has a small turbidity compared with a transparent color but do not know who I But on this gel and no no one else wanted it
  • 07:08: likely to be only for the purpose of tips on raising the tip of the nail, I will use it more like that of his put me here really like it it's for this consistency here so that's packing because packing field consistency gel to classic firm gelish oh well here this plague oh my mother's sorry pull the tank
  • 07:39: gel of this to you and Patrice easier but anyway for heat these options are not so as it is quite difficult to all pull out [music] natural pink I
  • 09:00: He left for a snack These dense Aw, Snap climbed tight and colors are dense but they did not quite such pastel on that they involved white have some transparency so I would say this is more lactic shades so it is natural rose me it looks like this way my friend Lisa he may have
  • 09:30: bubbles bubbles as the to gain a creating bubbles at Now this squeezing yes when there is formed emptiness, and if you Of course brush too active so You pick it up too actively working with gel tank is not what may be bubbles that pretty hard out pull out of the fact that Again, a thick gel Here is such a natural and pink Well yes that's a natural
  • 10:01: skin with my close when in shade it no more in a peach I'm your shade fetch for comparison Another gel here such a soft pink and can be see kill and I had a little bit He has held the expired here like so
  • 10:31: standing still It spreads faster than all than those of hybrid material in principle, but not Hybrid material and Do you keep this here Colour as they are here now that's where Beja is a Venka natural pink and Now that the More light is Soft pink I But on these two colors
  • 11:02: it will be here Clients on them was more than transparent transparent pink has its fans such for whiter ottenochka if you kill or such longer apricot color they fully they camouflage cover all some areas this transition to growth and natural nail artificial material of course we completely override if you want to smile do not be absolutely nothing
  • 11:32: I want to be seen back on the possibility of Do not mix them back and Now that As for the question allergies Of course it is the Chinese but the Chinese product China China strife and shop and there different and this store It is enough large well seen by packaging until it is not not the cheapest It is the base
  • 12:02: China is again the question Allergy is everything very personal someone has an allergy to Honey I'm allergic to honey is not I do not have allergies but I have some stupid allergies to other which are not present at others so this question of allergies all very individually and should be check in principle I am inclined to the fact that I think it will he will be
  • 12:32: Basically normal in work and allergies will give minimizing or even better he never will give or basically material if he gives some allergy somewhere near someone once but I I want to say that I probably in Lately there were no such I took it more for work is to when the tip of the nail nail bent down when otrastanii to raise nail tip up to level nail plate I took over here for
  • 13:03: these purposes, I have they worked with several clients and go with this I liked the gel it is whether I will be to him more it is necessary to book Of course for a full this kit a full understanding of that this stuff to work with him but at least one month and two so that not only to make more customers but also see how they Of course with him return that They've got the nails exfoliate he or No layers on vatsya
  • 13:33: I nagged by sawdust him caste and 100 to 100 on 100 I have been sawing it is hard hard all the hard reality jelly jelly barely yes I tired zagryz ramble under end because all Now these kellys with an average they consistency certainly much Well, this is softer rigidity so she has its
  • 14:04: benefits some defining some specific moments here is such a I had a review if someone else has used email I am sure his any comments your thoughts on this about me is very interesting I listen to the first again took Here is such a Chinese product from pure example of purely Chinese product and it would be interesting for me listen to if someone has already work with him try some there is about this all sorts of thoughts and so he
  • 14:34: to show you in I hope you will work I liked this video subscribe if you have not yet signed and see you in next video bye Bye [music] but
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