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  • 00:00: [Music] hi I'm Lauren wireman creator of wild flowers and today I'd like to show you some cool stuff with our glitter called socks these are diamond shape holographic glitters they come in several different colors and of course you can encapsulate them but there's a lot of fun stuff so today I'll be taking the glass gel in the violet color it's a very dark and I just love it for this time of the year and I'm gonna coat a
  • 00:32: nail with this I'm gonna do two coats because if I was to just do one coat and then scoot it around you would see a skid mark from where I scooted that glitter so applying my second coat of the glass gel and then I am going to use the fidget stylus to pick up some of these pieces of socks and I'll show you our first little design is just a start it looks like the patch of one eye Willy
  • 01:02: from Goonies pretty simple design and another thing you can do is piece these together into little cubes so the only part that's a bit of a pain is just separating the colors out but rather than having 12 different jars of 12 different colors it's easy to just have them all in one place and again 1 2 3 just like that you're putting the sides together and it makes the perfect cube cure it and then here is another important part and something that
  • 01:36: happens when you try to encapsulate large chunky glitters if you look very carefully with me down on this gold piece of glitter right here on that cube you see the top one right there how the corner is becoming exposed the gel topcoat just does not like that slick surface of the glitter and you can see on the bottom of the pink one too the corner is becoming exposed so it's very important to use your line of light pay attention to this
  • 02:09: make sure your coated well than cure so if you're doing this on several fingers you might need to go one finger at a time when you top coat and just flash it into place that way it doesn't move on you sometimes I put just a little dab over top of my chunky glitters just to ensure that there's plenty of top coat to go on there again our fabulous glitter called socks I love this stuff you can make so many neat designs out of it this is just the tip of the ice