Garden decor the hands - the easiest way.

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  • 00:00: [music] hi all today We will do the garden decoration on than I need to take perfect luxury mounting glue it set cardboard glues principle Any mixture of gypsum it will come up on gypsum-based, any gypsum mixture can be ips just not here, I took
  • 00:30: He gave such scoop Now I take the sand scoop here at this same now I it all stir became such consistency shock could sculpt You made a workpiece This will any animal still do not know what But for the authors of the basin some broken screwed tail and here is the head
  • 01:00: I am stuck on the head here so, too, all within plastered outside paws That made get cat Hippo some might in general, I shall now see what will I [music] [music]
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  • 02:29: Who [music] [music]
  • 03:04: a Yes he [music] [applause]
  • 04:25: [music] I come short I concluded shock perlfiks better off without list soaked to do list for solution clean and perfect in here dial 5 to here here
  • 04:55: a density of empty thick should It was a blow to take the fob you can right now there will be many people one university blinded in this way there see Canal
  • 05:27: fix the camera this business shipbuilder um-1 compartment separated brother put on his glasses but became well though right-hander
  • 05:57: then you and the school He knows or shisha Now this break from the floor clothes Lean out wrong and this report
  • 06:28: but all I began to this is a great still have to get them so expand and 1 tip like so loop earrings the area was minutes ideally it is symmetrical certainly will not never Yet would lie now
  • 07:00: it's approximately it is necessary to make soak tutorial, we have already begun smoothed It must be the same as the rough she would then be handled more large nazhdachkoy somehow peculiar
  • 07:34: sitting course about a row nail trimming it was similar but away until when she bare already begin to dry up harden some stick do nogotochki We need now for one found a place
  • 08:04: the world you choose I am a former code Even when I marry well, here about It was well connected
  • 08:34: looks like good right call based on it held on in fix the sort of thing she much stronger than gypsum only the teacher Now take the head Mom is now, we still head increase Here's a little about you can still add here I look at the brazen
  • 09:06: about stroking everything was like width private urine gloves until time to head touches virus for about hours two strongly thick layer
  • 09:47: cover up is not necessary because it will creep therefore, make it step by step I have been the third day, I told him Basically, you can do was issued do if there were time so you to wait until Next time on a little bit and elements add add
  • 10:17: add and I'm the eldest in what has was the point you want to for shnobel to Here type it It will grow on it later
  • 10:47: when it already starts harden then thicken will need to more than exactly his blind now I'm wet hands a master but for He did not smoothing close your ears would be necessary
  • 11:34: make eyes Later this code my class get here is difficult I sprinkle about translated that all further printing head will certainly be remnants of the enemy harder when he will gather
  • 12:13: begins to thicken to when I put too here you will begin his eyes I cleave somehow quietly is transformed to the window blue still Morgan until we are nothing so do the eyes and perhaps now it is a little
  • 12:48: as solidification I will send shape as gains will submit the form box on our guys around here It is here the product has turned cat behemoth hence it can be there about drilled hole there or more holes can be planted wife wants petunia Well here to put this
  • 13:18: with eggs even code cat now I you show that the pot last video So he did here this here bored too holes as there tile the first to take a pen
  • 13:48: ream where everything and pot turned here it will be good plant pike she, too, such feathers for some reason you originally look all children who liked subscribe to discuss channel ask questions procam [music]
  • 14:18: not put zabut Like [music]