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Fancy pastry! Pastries. Apples pies. Jam pies.

Fancy pastry! Pastries. Apples pies. Jam pies.  See details »

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  • 00:07: Hello so We begin today making pastry pie sweet sweet pies cheesecakes and muffins etc. So pour into a large bowl sift necessarily two cups flour
  • 00:30: to sift to saturate flour air polchaynoy salt spoons tablespoon sugar
  • 01:05: 2 cups warm almost hot milk or yogurt and a pack dry yeast can 30 grams of fresh cheese Today I will show dry
  • 01:39: pack of yeast and floor sachet vanillin vanillin is not It required all stir and put
  • 02:21: in the microwave include 10 seconds yes we are leaving another bowl
  • 02:30: break two eggs 2 tablespoons sugar mix 100 grams
  • 03:05: butter Plyusnina nothing wrong somewhere is not 80 It got a little
  • 03:31: differently to it different through faster such pieces and to sift the two cups of flour
  • 04:05: on January 2 and the whole thing We leave on the table to eggs and butter purchased temperature closer bathroom and so passed 30 minutes here
  • 04:31: look what dough that stood warm microwave Now it is up bubbled Now we will mix Oil also softened It was the room temperature now we stir eggs oil brand
  • 05:01: kneaded butter and will mix these two tests our pastry and sponge spread all
  • 05:32: a bowl and knead the dough first spoon then hands not just flour add add which never late first well All stir and
  • 06:04: look how had a purely clearly watery dough so we add in arms the skin can not need to sift Sift add gradually, many immediately and should not be interfere flour dough
  • 06:36: add all We are almost ready I add a little bit more and we get
  • 07:00: added somewhere else one glass of a total difficulty I knead it on hands
  • 07:33: the dough will stick to hands to the bowl nothing terrible as it would remove from the edges and middle way knead until until the dough begins well keep up hands if very liquid
  • 08:00: dough can then more hook it up but it plans to be thick should not now she slowly begins come off continue knead look dough already It begins to come off from the bowls here he is sticky that we have a you do not have all the Well then the rest she was ready even though it still quite a linkage sticky need
  • 08:30: enough in this as we expose Now you can top sypanut spoon hands and you are right, I truk feat molded and a cup lump can be not to do Now we cover cover and remove in warm place and give test approach Half an hour passed
  • 09:00: see how well dough rises He was halfway rose choose it back to warm place and ourselves can start doing filling me Today will be cakes two species alone apple others with jam apples me frozen and summer namorozila now I they took from freezer until they
  • 09:30: completely melted I shall cut them such Well, not any pieces necessary because when they just remember you do is uncomfortably little they put all of about 5 minutes I'll cut to the If cubes and fresh apples clean and my and cut into cubes sprinkled with lemon
  • 10:01: juice to apples I darkened apples I see a little lady melt [music] we place the pan butter 30 it and melt the We send our Christmas tree
  • 10:33: over high heat fry liberated evaporate because taken add here dining room oil derrick finger and Alice could
  • 11:01: add stir author left news Here apples are cool if you use dried apples first they need to be soak for a couple of hours in warm water then do the same most include oven smear butter
  • 11:32: plant form and We get the dough passed where one and a half hours see what we turned luxuriant dough the whole bowl of time somewhere around half hours have passed since now oil sprinkle return flour.
  • 12:05: hand dipped in flour and look here So take the dough the other hand and pinch off We roll down the ball somewhere the size of Walnut Well, no more somewhere candle and put on the table floured more
  • 12:34: in this way Burke all the dough We try to balls turned the same size If more you need to nip off and anew roll the ball see Heavily walnut or
  • 13:00: a small egg test which all in the bubbles continue here I turned 32 ball cover with their cloth a paper or tissue there often lap that they do not
  • 13:30: zavetrivalos and will take on one ball and sculpt cakes our collapses ball of dough with flour on both sides and hitting almost I click on the rolling pin lightly roll out not it is necessary to do Gothic it should as a pancake stay plump see it somewhere five millimeters thickness unrolled
  • 14:08: take a spoon to start entering the center zaschipyvaem first An intermediate and went to Out of the corner of one
  • 14:30: the second took a pie in his hands and took another time zaschipyvaya more feasible and immediately put on a greased sheet to unroll
  • 15:00: we place the stuffing zaschipyvaem top one way another once the protection or overturn put reserve place somewhere centimeter minimum because the pies rise and place otherwise not
  • 15:30: will they stick together we continue to sculpt spread patties our oven ready but I have warmed until we have them in the oven not our giving rasstoyatsya 20-25 minutes that they rose We put in a warm place it's desirable We lay out also napkins to cakes top dried up and I put on
  • 16:01: plate So on top of the apple filling me ended the next batch I I will do the righteous I was lucky my all apple peach in my opinion we have an apple no training lucky not to require we put it just like that as is watching our dough balls
  • 16:30: We have risen and were thicker Mishnah players roll out put a piece of jam and in exactly the same
  • 17:00: way close pie Well if all beer cakes in the meantime 20 passed 25 minutes of our cakes look what great and steel We have joined the most time to put them in oven on before this
  • 17:30: that they were shining after we extract their smazhem egg there is a The trick here pies were even rosier egg It adds a bit Sahara stage business so broken egg and neatly lubricates all Our party cakes
  • 18:09: horns smeared it We send them in oven for 15-20 minutes stuffing we ready so we will orientate Only the color of the brown well and here are our pies ready see what they rosy look
  • 18:31: between them is not this distance is if you have and We put a plump then it would be very Now I wonder Put the patties on the plate as the at first neatly Shoulder is removed if a little
  • 19:04: spread on a plate if sweet cakes we fry them with
  • 19:31: oven protest usually better to do I do not wait for a block but I have like any other time I will show you how to do fried pies all It is about our pies lined Now we have them necessarily will lay napkin and give from pyhnut that's what remarkable we have turned pies nothing difficult is not it?
  • 20:01: I wish that you, too, everything worked out Bon Appetit subscribe to my channel so as not to skip interesting to new meetings